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Hello and welcome to our wee food blog!

We started out as your standard slightly gluttonous pair of food-reviewers. Over lock down, we decided to take this one step (or one globe-trot) further by creating this blog in order to capture our culinary journey around the world. Our aim is to cook a vegetarian dish inspired by every country in the world, from A to Z, over the course of one year. This means cooking 196 dishes in 365 days. Yes, we are potentially creating a recipe for disaster, but it’s going to be a wild ride nonetheless, and we hope you enjoy accompanying us on it.

The plan is to research dishes from every cuisine and select one that is either already or can be modified to become vegetarian-friendly. We’ll then post about each dish we make, including a rating on the vegetarian-friendly nature of the cuisine as a whole. We are aiming to stay as true to the flavour-profile of the original cuisine as we can (with the ingredients/ knowledge we have available to us), but with some supplementation to each recipe to make them our own.

We should probably proffer a caveat that we are only home-cooks: we are cooking from our flat’s slightly constricted kitchen, and are limited to whatever ingredients we are able to lay our hands on in Aotearoa New Zealand. The upside to these limits is that we hope our recipes and their ingredients are accessible to all you other fellow adventurous home-cooks out there!

So, lets get cooking!

Nicola + Floss xx

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Hey there! I’m Nicola, an Aussie who now calls the beautiful land of New Zealand home. For the past six years, I’ve been running the travel blog, Polkadot Passport, which has proven the perfect way to skip the 9-5 job and wander the globe instead. I have always been a massive foodie, but since COVID hit and travel has been off the cards, I’ve discovered a real passion for exploring the world through the confines of the kitchen. I’m stoked to combine my love of travel and food in this new blogging journey!


Hello! I’m Floss (short for Florence but only my grandparents called me that), a kiwi postgrad student and tutor studying Classics. I’ve been making a series of decisions over the last few years to pursue the avenues of life that bring me true delight instead of resigning myself to the sensible option. In the year-of-doom that is 2020, this involves beginning this mildly manic journey of joining Nic in cooking our way around the world in order to overcome the monotony of lockdown, through our love of cuisine and culture.

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